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Garment covers

Buy garment covers for all of your laundry or dry cleaning protection needs.

Garment covers such as dry cleaning bags are a simple but effective way to protect clothes or garments during either transit or storage. They are made from ultra-thin polythene and are shaped to fit neatly over a coat hanger, with a hole for the hanger cut out of the top of the cover.

They are incredibly popular with dry cleaning shops, hence they are commonly referred to as ‘dry cleaning bags’. Laundry bags and duvet bags - both self-explanatory in name - are also used for a similar purpose.

Clear polythene garment covers

Whatever type of clothes you wish to protect, there is a polythene garment cover for you. Most garment covers are 20-24” wide, which is plenty of width to cover practically all items of clothing. The main variation between garment cover sizes is in the length, with sizes available to cover everything from t-shirts to long dresses or overcoats.

Size guide

Garment covers usually come in one of the following sizes: G36, G48, G54, G60. The number after the ‘G’ represents the length of the cover, in inches.

Here is a handy guide to what you should be able to fit within each size of garment cover:

G36 (36" long) - Shirts (short-sleeved), shirts (long-sleeved), T-shirts (short-sleeved), T-shirts (long-sleeved), blouses, tops, vests, polo shirts, skirts

G48 (48" long) - Suits (men’s), suits (women’s), jackets, trousers, long skirts, dresses (short to mid-length)

G54 (54" long) - Overcoats, rain macs, men’s formal wedding suits (including tails), dresses (mid-length to long)

G60 (60" long) - Ball gowns, wedding dresses, overcoats, saris.

Buying in bulk

If you wish to buy garment covers in bulk, your best bet is to buy a roll of bags. Each bag will tear off the roll via a perforated edge.

The number of garment covers included in a roll will depend on the size of garment cover you a buying. To give you an idea, a typical roll of garment covers will include:

G36 - 480 covers on a roll

G48 - 360 covers on a roll

G54 - 340 covers on a roll

G60 - 290 covers on a roll

How does dry cleaning work?

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a dry cleaners? We drop our clothes off, come back the next day to collect them and "hey presto!" - they are clean. But what happens to your garments you've handed them over and you've got your little ticket? More importantly, how do these people get clothes clean without getting them wet? Are they magicians?

The fact is that clothes being dry cleaned do get wet - just not with water. Dry cleaning machines resemble a large washing machine - the sort you'd find in your laundrette, only bigger. These machines contain a large basket or drum capable of holding up to 30-35kg of clothes. During the wash, solvent or liquid silicone flows through the chamber constantly, covering the clothes as they rattle around inside the cylinder. The solvent is then recovered through the same system and distilled so that it can be used again on the next load.

The same machine is used to dry the clothes as to wash them, as the cycle changes to pump warm air through the cylinder. Once dried, the clean clothes are then ironed and placed in their crisp, smart garment covers to give them that professional air of cleanliness that only dry cleaners can offer. Then you come back, hand over your ticket and wonder how that magic happened... except now you know!

Where can I buy garment covers?

Manufacturers and suppliers of garment covers include:

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Research & Resources

To find out more about garment covers, from their production to recycling options, including details of the variety of laundry bags, dry cleaning bags and other garment covers available, please visit:

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Laundry goes large

We spend, on average, almost one third of our lives in bed. The ‘dream’ target of eight hours sleep per night equates to one third of any given 24-hour period. Apply that across the whole of our time on the planet and that means we spend 33.3333333% of lives in between the sheets. No wonder people like to change their bed linen regularly. If we spend more time in bed than in any other one particular place, then you want to keep it as clean as possible!

Washing duvet covers and bed sheets is easy enough. Most common household washing machines will cater for both, along with some pillow cases and you can even throw in some comfy pyjamas. But what about the thing that keeps us warm at night - the duvet itself? Not everyone owns a washing machine big enough to wash a duvet and, even if they did, there is then the additional problem of drying the item.

Considering these logistics, many people find that taking their duvets to the local dry cleaners is the best way of getting them clean, but this in itself poses another problem as you have to transport the duvet to and from the dry cleaners without getting it dirty - a very important task, particularly on the way home once the pesky thing is clean!

Help is at hand these days, however, with the some super-helpful, tailor-made, extra large dry cleaning covers, which allow you to ferry your duvet home without exposing it to the elements. A typical extra large laundry bag measure four feet by two feet (48” x 24”) with a reinforced 4” handle to cope with any household duvet - ensuring all of your bed linen gets clean so you can sleep at night!